White Oak Labs provides deep, comprehensive computer forensics that answers your questions using detailed quantitative evidence and mitigates adverse factors such as tampering or malware. Don't settle for an imitation.

Forensic Services

White Oak Labs Inc. uses orignal research to provide advanced forensic analysis of digital evicence (digital forensics) for complex disputes involving:

  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Internal Investigation
  • Hacking and Network Intrusion
  • Virus and Malware Forensics
  • Audio, Image and Video Forensics
  • Blackberry and iPhone Forensics
  • eDiscovery & Evidence Collection
  • Forensic Special Master Services

White Oak Labs uses case driven original research to develop advanced tools to provide forensic services. Our R&D expertise is the result of decades of large, successful software projects.

No Hassle Guarantee

  • Clients need only one phone call to get access to experts and answers.
  • Clients get immediate online secure access to results as they become available.
  • If immediate, direct access to experts and results aren't enough, we're available on short notice for on-site consultation and review.

No Escalating Costs


We don't "estimate" and later escalate the cost. We can quote you a fixed cost, $X, for a specified scope of results, Y, designed to answer your questions. You pay $X. We give you Y. No surprises. No hidden fees. No escalating cost of time and materials. Why accept an "estimate" that later escalates?

How do we do this? Our tools are more efficient and predictable in performing deep analysis with defined coverage. They are consistently efficient in providing thorough results that answer questions about intellectual property theft, fraud, misuse or intrusion.

Computer Forensics

We begin by working with you to formulate a cost-effective investigation plan, by offering you the most effective combination of standard commercial methods and state-of-the-art proprietary techniques, tailored to answer your forensic questions in the most time efficient manner.

If records may have been deleted, we use advanced proprietary techniques to systematically recover and correlate data in greater breadth and depth, to identify relevant evidence.

Accurate evidence can speak for itself.

Our proprietary tools can uncover more accurate evidence regarding intellectual property theft, computer misuse or network intrusion.


State of the Art

Get deep, comprehensive computer forensics. Pay less.

Our proprietary tools provide some of the most highly advanced computer forensics available anywhere. Call 1-866-646-2021 to find out what our cutting-edge forensics team can do for you.

In Depth, Cost Effective

Why pay more for less results? Others are limited to time-consuming commercial tools, and bill high hourly rates for manual effort that cannot dig as deep and comprehensively as our tools can.


Our unique validated tools provide deep forensic retrieval and analysis of digital evidence more efficiently than others can provide, at less billable time, resulting in lower cost. Our systematically correlate data relationships to uncover relevant evidence. For deep, comprehensive, systematic analysis, no other company can provide thorough analytical results as efficiently and cost effectively as we can.

The Buck Stops Here

When commercial tools are insufficent, we often do original research, to build new tools, to solve cases using in-depth, comprehensive analysis.

We build new tools to solve cases.

At the same time, we work with you to maintain action plans that seamlessly integrate our powerful investigation technologies into your organizational or legal objectives, to help you control costs and in the long term, support your strategic goals.



Our analysis is supported by qualified, vetted, conflict free experts with academic credentials, extensive industry experience, and original peer-reviewed research publications.

Access Leading Experts


Our scientists are always directly available to clients by phone. They are leaders in digital forensics, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed research and international publications and presentations.

Second Opinions


We provide second opinions on third-party forensic expert witness reports. We can help you understand the basis for expert opinions and evaluate whether the supporting data is scientifically accurate and objective.



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White Oak Labs

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White Oak Labs provides state-of-the-art forensic retrieval and analysis of digital evidence. For deep, cost-effective forensics, call us toll free at 1-866-646-2021 to see what our cutting-edge capabilities can do for you.